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Noblesse Palace is a space dedicated to elegance, imposing and fascinating in every architectural detail that is found in its halls. It is a historic building that has been gracefully telling its story for over 140 years. It is a palace located in the heart of Bucharest, an oasis of tranquility set amidst a bohemian garden.
Noblesse Palace is a historic building dating from 1881 with a multifunctional role, which has been completely restored, consolidated and refurbished, thus being restored to the cultural and architectural heritage of Bucharest.
The Noblesse Palace has been transformed into an arts and events centre, successfully hosting dozens of private events, corporate events, art exhibitions, fashion shows, product launches and more.

Palatul Noblesse
Homepage - Palatul Noblesse
Homepage - Palatul Noblesse


 Noblesse Palace is a premium event venue, designed to bring people together in an oasis of luxury and elegance.

Fairytale Christening

Homepage - Palatul Noblesse

Christening at the Palace is undoubtedly one of those private events brimming with pure emotion, love, and the promise of a new beginning. For the celebration of this special event, Noblesse Palace transforms into that fairytale place with princes and princesses, where the universe creates the perfect setting for this occasion.

Dream Wedding

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A wedding at the Palace is and will remain every woman’s dream. We strongly believe that every woman has imagined, at least once in her lifetime, being a princess from childhood fairy tales on her wedding day. Located in the heart of Bucharest, Noblesse Palace fulfills this desire, making it unique and elevating it to the standard dreamed of by a princess.

Corporate Events

Homepage - Palatul Noblesse

Noblesse Palace is an event venue located in the center of Bucharest, near University Square, just 5 minutes away from Universitate metro station. This premium event venue is a symbol of elegance and luxury, capable of hosting a wide range of corporate events. Noblesse Palace is surrounded by a beautiful Parisian garden suitable for outdoor corporate events.

noblesse palace overview

Six rooms with different styles, comprising the ground floor of Noblesse Palace (Gallery, Luxury, Regent, Florence, Baroque and Opera)

Biblioteka is a unique space located in the basement with direct access to the garden. Here you can organize small events

The bohemian garden, a generous courtyard of 600 square meters, an oasis of greenery and intimacy in the historic atmosphere of Bucharest

Maximum capacity indoors is 140 people (seated) and 300 people (cocktail style)

Nearby parking spaces, available upon request

The Noblesse Palace is equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities

why choose the noblesse palace?

19th century historical building

Noblesse Palace is a historical building from the 19th century, is the first building with an eclectic architecture built in this old area of Bucharest, and bears the signature of the famous romanian architect Alexandru Săvulescu.

Fully consolidated and restored building

Noblesse Palace is the only completely consolidated and restored palace to the highest standards in Bucharest, where luxurious architecture merges with its intimate elegance.

Central Premium Venue

Noblesse Palace is a premium venue located in the center of Bucharest, near Universitate Square, just 5 minutes away from Universitate metro station.

unique experience

Noblesse Palace offers a unique and comprehensive experience. Rediscover 135 years of history brought to life by the architects and designers of Noblesse Group.

Exclusive tours of the palace

You can enjoy exclusive tours of Noblesse Palace. During this tours you can have the opportunity to visit Fusion Arts exhibitions, as well as the latest international interior design collections in the Noblesse Group portfolio.

We have experience in organizing hundreds of events

With experience in hundreds of successful events organized for major companies across all industries, as well as private clients, Noblesse Palace has hosted weddings, baptisms, birthdays parties, conferences, workshops, product launches, and much more.

The Church of Holy Saints

The Church of the Holy Saints (Biserica Sfinților) in Bucharest is located near Noblesse Palace. The church is famous for its murals, which have been well-preserved over time. Welcoming and warm, it has witnessed many beautiful stories organized at Noblesse Palace, with many couples and parents choosing this church for religious ceremonies.

Victorian Apartament

For moments of rest and comfort for the newlyweds or parents, Noblesse Palace provides an apartment on the upper floor, the Princess Room, fully functional and equipped to the highest standards, ensuring that the evening spent at the Palace is truly memorable

NOBLESSE PALACE - events and art centre in Bucharest

The Noblesse Palace is a premium central location for private events, corporate events, art events, networking events and more.

Palatul Noblesse


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Biblioteka Hub is an urban, industrial design concept, a space dedicated to courses, conferences, workshops, trainings, brainstorming meetings and, last but not least, private events, especially aniversary and birthday parties. Biblioteka Hubconsists of two rooms, a main room and a secondary room that serves as a space for coffee breaks and socialising.
The logistical support provided is of the highest quality, the room is equipped with a video projector, laptop, fan convectors with hot and cold air thermostats, WI-FI internet and a high-performance sound system.

Palatul Noblesse

Ground Floor

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The ground floor of the Noblesse Palace is a space that speaks of elegance and refinement, a space for private events and corporate events that turn into memorable events. The ground floor of the Palais Noblesse is a compartmentalised space, represented by five rooms, each room presenting a different architectural style, from the Baroque style found in the central hall, to the Florentine, Louis XV and XVI styles and even the classical or contemporary style.
The rooms are equipped with sound system, mixer, microphone, WiFi internet, video projector, screen, air conditioning and more.

palatul noblesse

The Garden

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The garden of the Palais Noblesse is a bohemian, Parisian garden, an oasis of calm surrounded by vibrant colours. Surrounding the palace with its understated elegance, the garden covers an area of 600 square metres and is an irresistible attraction for those looking for a central location for outdoor events. With its romantic atmosphere and idyllic scenery, the garden is the ideal venue for special events like private events and corporate events. From weddings and christenings to private parties and corporate events, this natural setting adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion.

Discover the Noblesse Palace

Noblesse Palace is a space dedicated to classical elegance, imposing and fascinating in every architectural detail, which can be found in its halls.

Noblesse Palace
Event & Art Center in bucharest

Step into our Universe and explore each room. Discover a place full of history and history.

As an events and art center, Noblesse Palace stands as a true architectural and cultural gem in the heart of Bucharest.