The Basement

While the ground floor of Noblesse Palace presents a marvelous world characterized by a classic style, the basement features an industrial style with modern twists, contrasting with the rest of the space

The offices of Noblesse Group have been arranged, in the basement of the building. A new brand born from passion and a love for beauty, which includes Noblesse Projects – the architecture and interior design office, the Noblesse Interiors showroom, and the Art and Events Center – Noblesse Palace. But the arrangement of these spaces did not only involve developing the concepts of design and interior decoration. The activities were much more complex and laborious, as the basement was rebuilt to become more spacious, taller, and reinforced to provide comfort and protection against humidity and to be sturdy for many years to come. Thus, excavations were made to deepen the floors, protective layers were added, underfloor heating systems were installed, and original patterned ceramics were used for tiling. The ceilings also received a new look, being completely reconstructed and then insulated with polystyrene to keep warm. In contrast, the walls retained their original brick, exuding the noble, history-infused atmosphere of Noblesse Palace.

The brick pieces were individually cleaned and refreshed with a special clear lacquer to provide them with extra protection and charm. Beyond the respect for the authenticity of the building, the architects at Noblesse Projects and Noblesse Interiors maintained this choice for the design as well, defining a vintage industrial style with modern accents.
Moreover, the walls were reinforced and strengthened with metal mesh and concrete to ensure durability for the centuries to come. As is often the case with an old building, other hidden rooms, long forgotten and covered with soil, were discovered here. The offices of the entire Noblesse Group team embody the spirit of the building with exceptional flair for design and creativity, as well as the spirit of the people who are part of it today. These spaces are comfortable, full of personality, and create an environment that breathes history, fantasy, creation, art, and design.
Furthermore, all products – lighting fixtures, floors, accessories, tiles – come from some of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of interior design objects, which are part of the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, a leader in interior design.

The design of these offices had echoes beyond borders, being in the final phase of the International Architecture and Design Awards 2014 competition in the United Kingdom and winning The Most Office by CBRE award in 2016.