Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace

The Noblesse Palace is a space dedicated to classic elegance, imposing and fascinating through every architectural detail found within its halls. It is a premium central venue for private events, corporate events, art events, networking events, and more.
The Noblesse Palace is a historic building, an architectural jewel from the 19th century, located in the heart of the city, representing a symbol of refinement and prestige. Designed by the renowned Romanian architect Alexandru Săvulescu, who also built the National History Museum of Romania, the Noblesse Palace is among the first buildings constructed in eclectic style in Bucharest, symbolizing the refinement of the city.
Despite being a historic building, the Noblesse Palace boasts modern state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of its guests. From high-quality audio-visual equipment to climate control systems and other premium amenities, everything is provided to ensure a flawless event. The dedicated team at the Noblesse Palace offers personalized services and special attention to the needs of each guest, guaranteeing a successful and unforgettable event.
Today, the Noblesse Palace successfully hosts corporate and private events, while also serving as the headquarters of the Noblesse Projects architecture firm, an exclusive showroom for the collections in the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, and an art gallery showcasing both its own collection of paintings and sculptures, as well as temporary exhibitions by contemporary artists.

overview – Loredana Preda's vision

Loredana Preda is the co-owner of Palatul Noblesse, alongside her husband, Silviu Preda, and also the General Manager of Noblesse Group

“And Art is that wonderful thing that brings people together, touches their deepest feelings, and this building will make that moment magical. And in our minds, as children who have gone through life, the most magical moments happen like stories in a palace. We used science and soul to make this place unique, because, paying homage to architecture and interior design, all arts have come together and merged. Architecture, sculpture, painting, scenography, the art of woodworking, and many others in this world, we have gathered and merged to complement each other. And the rooms often become crowded, because under the spell of music, the crowd gathers with great artists and prominent figures. But this palace dedicated to art in general and interior design in particular is not an ordinary one. It is the result of years of searching in which I personally defined and shaped myself as a person and then as a designer in this profession that chose me before I discovered it. And I surrounded myself with skilled, well-trained people, carefully chosen and well-educated, but who, like me, love design and life. We all share the emotion of creating beautiful things when people come to us to decorate their homes according to their experiences. And how much joy we feel when someone crosses our threshold, because we take them on a journey like in a story, from one room to another, and we tell them secretive truths about design styles, about the art and the story of the birth of a piece of furniture, where the breath of the wood from which it is crafted still beats. And if they allow us, we then tell them the wonderful story of this house, of the difficult and long stages it went through under our eyes when, almost completely destroyed, we took it and cared for it like a dying person. And we strengthened its old but proud walls to last a long time from now on, restored its old but magnificent stuccoes, and carefully cleaned its carpentry so that the wood from which it was conceived would not hurt. For only in this way has this old house preserved its last breath, and today we have brought it back to life. But like a beautiful girl, ready for courtship, we have brought her new adornments, from our days, because with care and great research we have added new stuccoes and well-crafted marble floors and new windows to let the curious sun in to see how beautiful this house looks! And many other things have been done, for many were those who worked diligently on all the hard tasks, but also on the most delicate ones, until all, the over 40 rooms and chambers, looked like they do today.” Loredana Preda – General Manager of Noblesse Group Quote from the book “The History of Palatul Noblesse,” coordinated by Adrian Majuru and Loredana Preda.

Noblesse Palace-
Events & Art Center

Step into the Universe of Palatul Noblesse and explore each room, discovering a location full of history and story.

As a center for events and art, Palatul Noblesse represents a true architectural and cultural gem in the heart of Bucharest.