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The Noblesse Palace was the residence of the Berkovitz family, a Jewish family well anchored in the financial system of old Romania, which survived economic crises, wars, and various occupations, but disappeared almost a hundred years after its story began, with the nationalization in the early 1950s.
The building was erected at the end of the 19th century in an old neighborhood of Bucharest in the central sector of Roșu, at the intersection of Sfinților Street with Calea Moșilor, across from the church of the Saints or “with Sibile.” It was restored to the city in all its splendor by Loredana and Silviu Preda. Its story is of course linked to the place where it was built, then the city and the neighborhood, to the people who lived on this street, to the neighborhoods that prompted the Berkowitz family to buy and live here for at least two generations.

We invite you to discover our story, in a short history lesson about people, places, and events.



About Us - Palatul Noblesse

The Noblesse Palace is a space dedicated to classic elegance, imposing and fascinating through every architectural detail found within its halls.

Noblesse Palace

The Story Of The Palace

About Us - Palatul Noblesse

The first eclectic building in Bucharest, Palatul Noblesse is a historic monument builted in 1881 according to the plans of the architect Alexandru Săvulescu.

Noblesse Palace

Historical research

About Us - Palatul Noblesse

The history of Palatul Noblesse is closely tied to the place where this impressive building was constructed, the city, the neighborhood, and the people who lived in it.

Noblesse Palace


About Us - Palatul Noblesse

The former Berkowitz residence now has a new appearance, full of splendor, thanks to the meticulous restoration efforts carried out by the Noblesse Group team.

Noblesse Palace
Event & Art Center In bucharest

Step into the Universe of Palatul Noblesse and explore each room, discovering a location full of history and stories.

As an events and art center, Palatul Noblesse stands as a true architectural and cultural gem in the heart of Bucharest.