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Our Concepts
Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace
Art & Event Center

Noblesse Palace is a historic building, a noble residence that tells its story for over 140 years. Brought back to life through extensive restoration and consolidation processes, which keep many of the original elements of the building alive, including the stuccoes, the two fireplaces, the joinery, and the exposed brick, Noblesse Palace is now an important center of culture, art, and design unique in Southwest Europe. It was created to bring people together in an oasis of eclectic style, dedicated to the most elegant and unique events.
And because we have created a dream universe where we have revived a long-lost world, bringing forth the charm and noble elegance of the 19th century, raising the bar to the highest standard, we have conceived, created, and organized some of the most appreciated events in art, culture, and socializing.
Through our concepts of events, we aim to immerse you in the emotionally charged atmosphere of the past palaces, where, for a few hours, we will convey you to a setting that will feel truly drawn from that era.
Botez Valeria
Our Concepts - Palatul Noblesse
Our Concepts - Palatul Noblesse

Fusion Arts
Art Event

Fusion Arts is a distinctive event concept developed and supported by Noblesse Group and Noblesse Palace.

The mission of Fusion Arts is to encourage appreciation, understanding, and the role of art in society through direct engagement with original artworks. The primary priority is to inspire artists, clients, and our local guests with amazing projects.

Through Fusion Arts, Noblesse Palace promotes urban culture, bringing artists from various fields closer to the public through diverse events, including exhibitions, vernissages, urban parties, fairs, or festivals.

Our Concepts - Palatul Noblesse
Our Concepts - Palatul Noblesse

Noble Drinks
Networking & Socializing

Through the Noble Drinks event series, Noblesse Palace hosts monthly networking events for the key business communities in Bucharest.

Noble Drinks serves as an exclusive communication channel with a discerning premium audience. For companies seeking enhanced visibility and unique projects within the event series, Noblesse Palace offers a wide range of solutions to create value through collaboration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an evening of fine drinks selection and connect with business professionals outside your community.

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