Palatul Noblesse


Noblesse Palace - Ground Floor
The main stage for memorable events

From the first steps inside Noblesse Palace, a world of classic elegance and refined luxury unfolds. Each room on the ground floor of Noblesse Palace represents a distinct architectural style. Of particular significance, painstakingly restored through meticulous processes, the woodwork, stuccoes, and the two terracotta stoves from 1881 delight every guest who crosses our threshold.
The ground floor of Noblesse Palace is the main stage for the events organized here, from private gatherings to corporate events.
Ground-Floor - Palatul Noblesse

The central hall exudes refinement
and elegance

The central hall redefines the concept of a passageway, exuding refinement and elegance...

The Gallery Hall is the perfect blend of modern and classic

The Gallery Hall is the perfect blend of modern and classic. Classic furniture pieces seamlessly intertwine with...
Sala Luxury

The Luxury Hall embodies
beauty itself

The Luxury Hall is located to the right of the central hall, and true to its name, it is adorned with...

The charming and refined
Baroque Hall

The most imposing hall, named after the predominant style that characterizes it, the Baroque Hall...

The Florence Hall: a journey into the classic Florentine style

The Florence Hall represents an exploration of the classic Florentine style. The hall preserves some of...

The Regent Hall: an intimate and elegant ambiance

Elements from both the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles compete to showcase their beauty...

The Opera Kitchen

Understanding the significance of food service at special events, we have crafted...

The Regent Bathroom

Alongside the captivating halls that lend a unique elegance to Noblesse Palace, on the...

The Luxury Bathroom

Exploring the ground floor of Noblesse Palace, near the central staircase...