First Floor

Palatul Noblesse –First Floor
The place where you can find inspiration for interior design projects

On the first floor of Noblesse Palace, the wonderful world of interior design unfolds. Here, you can witness a blend of various, more modern styles that can seamlessly integrate into any home or office space. Choosing the styles for these rooms was challenging because it was difficult for us to settle on just one. So, when put together, we have crafted eclectic and diverse spaces for you to enjoy and marvel at.
With the soul and skill of the architects at Noblesse Group, we have brought to life all that we have envisioned, and we approach other dream projects in the same manner.

First Floor - Palatul Noblesse


We've woven them together and combined them, for it was difficult for us to select and leave them solitary in one room
First Floor - Palatul Noblesse


This room features an office furnished with classic furniture, crafted in Italy by one of the manufacturers at Noblesse Interiors..
First Floor - Palatul Noblesse


A classic-style bedroom with a romantic ambiance, specially dedicated to relaxation and rest, yet still a true spectacle...
First Floor - Palatul Noblesse


A room that initially surprises with its simplicity, but upon a closer look, can captivate our imagination...
First Floor - Palatul Noblesse


A special room, both in its positioning and decorative elements. This French-style salon stands out...
First Floor - Palatul Noblesse

VICTORIAN bathroom

A refined bathroom that gathers its essence from Victorian style, reinvented in a modern manner...