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From its opening until the present day, Noblesse Palace has hosted numerous private events (weddings, engagement parties, christening, anniversary parties, graduations, photo shoots), each crafting a chapter of the story for the most beautiful and unforgettable moments in the lives of our guests.
Impressive in its architecture and design, Noblesse Palace is adorned with art and romance. It has endured for over a century, leaving an imprint of culture and what is beautiful and noble in the heart of Bucharest. Its versatile interiors allow for the creation of a decor that suits even the most demanding tastes, and the themes for private events (weddings, baptisms, and more) can be adapted to provide you with the event of your dreams.
Noblesse Palace is surrounded by a bohemian garden, in the Parisian style, abundant with color and light, creating that enchanting atmosphere in which any private event becomes a precious memory.
At Noblesse Palace, you can organize a dream wedding, a fairy-tale baptism, an anniversary, or a private party, alongside your family and dearest friends. Additionally, the halls and garden of Noblesse Palace are the perfect choice for an outdoor civil union, a photo shoot, or a video shoot.


A wedding at the Palace is and will remain every woman’s dream. We strongly believe that every woman has imagined, at least once in her lifetime, being a princess from childhood fairy tales on her wedding day. Located in the heart of Bucharest, Noblesse Palace fulfills this desire, making it unique and elevating it to the standard dreamed of by a princess.

Evenimente Private la Palatul Noblesse

Fairytale Christening

Christening at the Palace is undoubtedly one of those private events brimming with pure emotion, love, and the promise of a new beginning. For the celebration of this special event, Noblesse Palace transforms into that fairytale place with princes and princesses, where the universe creates the perfect setting for this occasion.

Private Parties

Whether it’s an anniversary party, a birthday party, a name day celebration, a class reunion, or an intimate dinner, Noblesse Palace provides those spectacular settings for hosting memorable private gatherings.

Private Events - Palatul Noblesse
Sedinte foto de nunta

Video & Photo Sessions

For photography and/or video sessions (weddings, christening, anniversaries, private parties), Noblesse Palace provides a spectacular backdrop, perfectly versatile, with a unique universe reminiscent of times long gone, yet perfectly transposed into the present, offering an inspirational space distinct from classic studios.


We offer a wide range of facilities and services for memorable private events. Our event planners will accompany you every step of the way, guiding you on the path for the most beautiful event of your life.


Six rooms with different styles, comprising the ground floor of Noblesse Palace (Gallery, Luxury, Regent, Florence, and Baroque)

Biblioteka is a unique space located in the basement with direct access to the garden. Here you can organize intimate private events

The bohemian garden, a generous courtyard of 600 square meters, an oasis of greenery and intimacy in the historic atmosphere of Bucharest

Maximum capacity indoors is 100 people (seated) and 300 people (cocktail style)

Parking spaces in close proximity to the palace, available upon request

Noblesse Palace is equipped with modern technical amenities

Why choose our venue to host your private events?

19th century historical building

Noblesse Palace is a historical building from the 19th century, is the first building with an eclectic architecture built in this old area of Bucharest, and bears the signature of the famous romanian architect Alexandru Săvulescu.

Fully consolidated and restored building

Noblesse Palace is the only completely consolidated and restored palace to the highest standards in Bucharest, where luxurious architecture merges with its intimate elegance.

Central Premium Venue

Noblesse Palace is a premium venue located in the center of Bucharest, near Universitate Square, just 5 minutes away from Universitate metro station.

unique experience

Noblesse Palace offers a unique and comprehensive experience. Rediscover 135 years of history brought to life by the architects and designers of Noblesse Group.

Exclusive tours of the palace

You can enjoy exclusive tours of Noblesse Palace. During this tours you can have the opportunity to visit Fusion Arts exhibitions, as well as the latest international interior design collections in the Noblesse Group portfolio.

We have experience in organizing hundreds of events

With experience in hundreds of successful events organized for major companies across all industries, as well as private clients, Noblesse Palace has hosted weddings, baptisms, birthdays parties, conferences, workshops, product launches, and much more.

The Church of Holy Saints

The Church of the Holy Saints (Biserica Sfinților) in Bucharest is located near Noblesse Palace. The church is famous for its murals, which have been well-preserved over time. Welcoming and warm, it has witnessed many beautiful stories organized at Noblesse Palace, with many couples and parents choosing this church for religious ceremonies.

Victorian Apartament

For moments of rest and comfort for the newlyweds or parents, Noblesse Palace provides an apartment on the upper floor, the Princess Room, fully functional and equipped to the highest standards, ensuring that the evening spent at the Palace is truly memorable


Dedicated Event Planner

Event Design

Personalized menus

Floral arrangements

Photo & Video Services


Piano rental from 1800

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