Interviu The Roumania Journal

Un foarte interesant articol despre „aventura” Noblesse:

In an exclusive interview to „Romania Journal”, Mrs. Loredana Preda told us about the inward significance of her business, from the very beginning till now, when a beautiful luxury design story became a growing business comprising four brands, which are increasingly revolving around the cultural value concept.

How much passion Mrs. Preda and her team put in all the group’s projects can be visible right in their practical achievements: an exquisite historical monument building which is now hosting Noblesse Galleries and offices of their interior design studio STUDIO INSIGN, the high resonance of the luxury design showroom and of the other cultural events held under Noblesse patronage.

Find out what is the story behind Noblesse Palace and what is the secret underneath a visionary business by reading the interview.

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