Wrought iron

Noblesse Palace - Wrought Iron
AAn element of elegance that enhances any decor

Wrought iron is a material with a rich history, which has been used for centuries to create artistic works and durable structures. With its unique ability to be shaped into complex forms and remarkable strength, this material has become a popular choice in architecture and interior design.
In architecture, wrought iron is often used to create decorative or structural elements. Balustrades, balconies, gates, and grilles are just a few examples of architectural elements that can be made from wrought iron. Its ability to be shaped into diverse forms makes it ideal for adding unique ornamental details to buildings and urban landscapes.In interior design, wrought iron is used to add a touch of sophisticated elegance with slightly dramatic accents. Indoors, wrought iron can be used to create balustrades, mirror frames, chandeliers, certain pieces of furniture, and more.

A true element of nobility added to Palatul Noblesse is represented by wrought iron and the artworks made from this material. The Berkowitz residence had a surrounding fence and a gate of great artistic expressiveness. It forms a common body with the marquise above the main entrance and the balustrade of the balconies.
The pergola above the entrance door and the balcony balustrades were made of wrought iron. These were dismantled, cleaned, and refurbished, thus regaining their former shine.
The existing fence, in an advanced state of decay and incomplete, was replaced with a new one, reproduced by the architects of Noblesse Group according to the original model, adding decorative lanterns and gate automation.