The century-old brick meticulously restored

Exposed brick - Extensive recovery works

Exposed brick, also known as bare masonry, is an architectural element used for centuries in interior design. This technique involves exposing the brick structure of a wall, instead of covering it with interior or exterior finishes. The rustic and authentic look of exposed brick adds a unique charm to the space where it’s used, bringing with it a subtle blend of history and modernity.
The old houses of Bucharest proudly display this architectural element, which is not just a simple architectural feature, but also a window to the past, reminding us of the rich history and craftsmanship of past builders. In restored old houses, exposed brick becomes an important element of interior design, adding a special charm and a touch of rustic elegance.
Moreover, this old exposed brick carries with it the story of the house, highlighting the history and character of the building through each imperfection, every gap, and every hint of color.
In the case of restoring the exposed bricks inside the Noblesse Palace, the architects at Noblesse Group focused on the works on the foundation and masonry elements. Recovering the original brick structure was not easy due to the damage caused by earthquakes and increased humidity, on one hand, and the filling of some basement rooms with soil, on the other hand.During the consolidation and restoration work on the interior masonry and foundations, new rooms were discovered in the basement, of which there was no knowledge before the start of the construction site.
The reason for this filling is unknown, most likely occurring after the years 1945-1950, as it has happened in other cases in the Old Town, especially. One explanation could be related to the fluctuating water table, sometimes due to the history of this area, traversed by the waters of the Bucureștioara on its way to the Dâmbovița River. Sfinților Street is directly connected to the former lake of the Sutu, near the Carvasara, and which was behind the current Colțea Hospital, where in the 14th and 15th centuries, the first cattle market, the Moșilor market, was located.
Today, in the basement of the Noblesse Palace, we fully enjoy the beauty and elegance of the exposed bricks, which beautifully adorn the halls and the basement Biblioteka space. Here are located the architecture offices of Noblesse Group and the events department of the Noblesse Palace.