Restauration of the original stoves

Impacted by the passage of time, the two terracotta stoves have
been brought back to life

Some of the most important pieces present inside Noblesse Palace are the two ceramic stoves, valuable elements for two of the rooms on the ground floor. Dating back to 1881, these stoves were produced in Germany and were used to heat the rooms using firewood. Nowadays, they serve only a decorative purpose and hold significant architectural value.
Like the house itself, the two stoves were impacted by the passage of time, but with skill, patience, and meticulousness, they were restored to their former glory. Disassembled piece by piece, these stoves seemed to turn into a pile of old bricks, clogged and covered in old coal ash and soot. Each piece was carefully washed like a newborn baby, then numbered, and left to rest for several months until they were stacked on top of each other, each in its corner of the room, thus brought back to life, more beautiful and brighter. This process was made possible with the help of skilled craftsmen, experienced in restoring very old stoves, who managed to restore their original charm and give them a new life. The craftsmen’s workshops were set up in the courtyard of Palatul Noblesse.
In the Baroque hall, proud as a hostess, we encounter a white terracotta stove with green and red inserts, while the Florence hall welcomes us with a stove of special elegance, colored green and decorated with grapes and vines.