Original carpentry

The original wooden carpentry of spruce wood held significant importance for the house’s appearance, presenting a challenge that the architects at Noblesse Group had to overcome while striving to preserve this original feature.
Unfortunately, the original wooden balustrade of the staircase leading to the attic was stolen and likely transformed into firewood by those who, over time, have desecrated this house due to a lack of respect and culture. A completely new staircase was crafted with a metal structure, securely anchored and covered with marble, yet it retained the memory of the old one with its delicately arched shape.
Among the many workshops set up in the garden of Palatul Noblesse, a special role was played by the one dedicated to the restoration of old wood. Consequently, all the doors crafted from spruce wood throughout the palace, featuring numerous intricate vegetal formations, have regained their beauty and grandeur.