Documentary Noblesse Palace

Noblesse Palace is a historic  building, constructed in 1881 according to the plans of the famous architect Alexandru Săvulescu, being the first eclectic construction in the historic center of the capital. The building represents a true architectural and cultural gem of Bucharest, spanning 140 years of representative existence.
Noblesse Palace has experienced several historical periods, from the aristocratic beauty of the Berkowitz era, to the Palatul Pionierilor Sector 2 during the nationalization period, to the post-communist and abandonment period until 2012.
In 2012, it came into the possession of the Noblesse Group, owner of several brands operating in the interior design and cultural industries.
After a complex process of consolidation, restoration of original elements, interior and exterior design, the building becomes what it is today: one of the most important centers of culture, art, and design, a unique concept in Europe.
The project carried out by Noblesse Interiors and Noblesse Projects is an incursion into countless periods and styles: from the Baroque, Louis XV and XVI styles, Rococo, encountered on the ground floor of the building, to other representative styles on the upper floor (Art Deco, Victorian, Neoclassical, Contemporary), to the industrial style and design in the basement and sub-basement of the building, which house the offices of Noblesse Group and Biblioteka Hub.
In this space, harmoniously combined pieces of furniture and decorations from various top manufacturers, represented by Noblesse Interiors, alongside artworks, creating truly exclusive and valuable interiors.

Discover the whole story in the documentary below.