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Noblesse Palace - Lifestyle Palace
The palace located in the heart of Bucharest

Noblesse Palace, an architectural gem in the heart of the city, a location seemingly taken from storybooks, a setting filled with history and refinement, offers the perfect atmosphere to celebrate special moments in everyone’s life, from an anniversary to a simple family reunion or a spectacular birthday party.
With its spectacular halls, each with a unique architectural design, Noblesse Palace is the ideal place to host private parties in an intimate and exclusive setting. Every detail in this historic palace exudes elegance and beauty, transforming events into true experiences.
Through its large windows, natural light floods the rooms, enhancing the warmth and joy of the party. The precious furniture, marble flooring, and contemporary artworks add a touch of refinement, harmoniously complementing the atmosphere of the event.
Private Parties - Palatul Noblesse
Private Parties - Palatul Noblesse

18th Birthday Party

In every young person’s life, turning 18th years old represents an important moment, a milestone marking the transition from adolescence to adulthood. It’s an event worthy of celebration in a fitting setting, one that offers the celebrant and guests a memorable experience.

Choosing the venue for a birthday celebration has a significant impact on the entire experience. Noblesse Palace, elegant and refined, provides an exceptional setting to mark this special occasion. Located in the heart of Bucharest, Noblesse Palace, this work of art, is the most suitable choice to commemorate the coming of age.

Anniversary Parties

Planning and organizing an anniversary party is the perfect opportunity to transform a special event into a memorable one. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding anniversary, we invite you to discover Noblesse Palace, the palace in the heart of the city.

Turn this event into a memorable experience for both you and all your guests. Surround yourself with luxury and refinement and share this fairytale setting with your loved ones.

Noblesse Palace Is A Historic Building

Noblesse Palace is the only fully consolidated and restored palace to the highest standards in Bucharest.

It is a historic building from the 19th century, the first eclectic-style building constructed in the center of Bucharest, bearing the signature of the famous architect Alexandru Săvulescu.

Noblesse Palace is a centrally located premium venue (situated in the center of Bucharest, just 5 minutes away from University Square).

Private Parties - Palatul Noblesse
Private Parties - Palatul Noblesse

Noblesse Palace – Ballrooms

Refinement and luxury are criteria found in all components of the palace, thanks to the team of architects from Noblesse Group.

The halls of Noblesse Palace are versatile, designed in various styles, ensuring intimacy and the possibility of organizing unique private parties.

Surrounded by a generous courtyard of 600 square meters, the palace is an oasis of greenery and privacy in the historic atmosphere of Bucharest.

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Our event planners has the experience of hundreds of events organized, hundreds of memorable events, and thousands of memories created for every couple who has crossed our threshold.

Our team understands that each couple is unique and has their own desires and visions for their dream wedding. Therefore, the services offered are comprehensive and personalized to meet all the needs and desires of the newlyweds.

Private Parties - Palatul Noblesse


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