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Noblesse Palace - Lifestyle Palace - the fairytale setting for professional photo sessions

Professional photographs represent a special way to capture the important and emotional moments in your life. From wedding photos to family portraits, these images carry a trace of the time and emotions experienced in those moments. To bring these photographs to life and turn them into truly memorable memories, the setting in which they are taken plays an essential role. At Noblesse Palace, the beauty of the place and the fairytale setting provide a backdrop straight out of a fairy tale, for photos that will remain in your heart forever.

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Photo Sessions - Palatul Noblesse
Photo Sessions - Palatul Noblesse

photo sessions at noblesse palace

Wedding Photo Sessions

Noblesse Palace becomes the ideal choice for immortalizing one of the most important days in a couple’s life. The historic and imposing building, with its spectacular halls, adds a royal touch to the photo session and contributes to creating storybook photographs. The large windows, precious furniture, and spectacular chandeliers are just a few of the elements that will add an air of elegance and refinement to wedding photos. Additionally, the palace garden offers a romantic landscape, perfect for outdoor photo sessions.

Family Photo Sessions

Family photos taken at Noblesse Palace acquire a special aura, in a historic and imposing setting. The moment spent with loved ones, in a fairytale location, will be immortalized in images that will always bring smiles and precious memories.

Why choose Noblesse palace

Noblesse Palace - Historical Building

Noblesse Palace is the only fully consolidated and restored palace to the highest standards in Bucharest.

It is a historic building from the 19th century, the first eclectic-style building constructed in the center of Bucharest, bearing the signature of the famous architect Alexandru Săvulescu.

Noblesse Palace is a centrally located premium venue (situated in the center of Bucharest, just 5 minutes away from University Square).

Photo Sessions - Palatul Noblesse
Photo Sessions - Palatul Noblesse

Noblesse Palace - Ballrooms

Refinement and luxury are criteria found in all components of the palace.

The ballrooms of Noblesse Palace are versatile, decorated in various styles, ensuring intimacy and the possibility of organizing memorable, unique events.

The palace is surrounded by a generous courtyard of 600 square meters, an oasis of greenery and intimacy in the historic atmosphere of Bucharest.


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