From noble residence to the Cercul Pionierilor

From the noble residence to the Cercul Pionierilor,
the dark times of this historic building

The residence at 7 Sfinților Street, belonging to the Berkowitz family, was nationalized in 1948. In 1949, the party leadership of the 1 Mai district, later Sector II, decided to organize in Max Berkowitz’s residence the Palatul Pionierilor of the district and sector, a situation that lasted until 1989.

We were able to learn about the activities carried out here due to some documents found in a covered niche, discovered during the restoration of the building’s interiors. There are accounting documents, requests for various acquisitions necessary for carrying out specific activities with the students, as well as family issues of the teachers who taught during those times. The documents date from the years 1974 to 1980.

Palatul Pionierilor of Sector II, renamed after 1979 as the Palatul Pionierilor și Șoimilor Patriei, organized various extracurricular lessons for students from the sector in the current Palat Noblesse. Thematic exhibitions were organized, various school competitions related to the school curriculum, performances on the eve of holidays or official celebrations of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR), music and drawing lessons, but also themed carnivals. Among others, there were computer science clubs, model boat clubs, karting clubs, a biology laboratory, and even a ballet master. During holidays, films borrowed through the Teaching Staff House were screened. Until 1989, the residence hosted such activities, but the interior of the building underwent major modifications.

From noble residence to the Cercul Pionierilor - Palatul Noblesse
From noble residence to the Cercul Pionierilor - Palatul Noblesse