Gallery Hall

The Gallery Room is the perfect blend of modern and classic. Classic furniture seamlessly merge with modern paintings displayed on the walls of this room

The Gallery Room is the first room on the left of the central hallway. Like an art gallery, this room is adorned with precious furniture pieces from the Noblesse Interiors portfolio, as well as paintings or sculptures by contemporary artists featured in the Fusion Arts portfolio.
The ceiling of the Gallery Room, brought back to life, retains its original stuccoes, carefully restored and coated with white lime to remain immaculate and simple. The flooring in this room is a play of white and black marble, a style at the border between classic and contemporary.
The Gallery Room can be rented separately for various business meetings, lunches, or business dinners. Additionally, it can be rented separately for photo shoots or podcasts.
The room has an area of 25 square meters and can accommodate up to 14 people. It is equipped with a video projector, screen, flipchart, air conditioning, Wi-Fi.

Stuccoes – original
Carpentry – original
Flooring – marble in a combination of white and black, a geometric pattern created using the “water-jet” techniquebR>Artworks – contemporary artists, Fusion Arts portfolio
Furniture pieces – Noblesse Interiors portfolio

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Moreover, we organize a wide range of events, from art exhibitions and fairs to private and corporate events, as well as charitable events.