Central Hallway

In the case of Noblesse Palace, the definition of a hallway needs to be reconsidered and given a different importance, as it serves as the gateway to a fairy tale universe

The central hallway is the first step our guests take into the fairy tale universe of Noblesse Palace.
Noblesse Palace is a place where art and its embodiment make their presence felt right from the entrance. Two large paintings, one on the right and one on the left of the hallway, commissioned and representing allegories of painting and theater, adorn the walls up to the ceiling, introducing you from the outset to the world of art that you will experience through all human senses, a unique sensory experience. The two paintings are signed by the Romanian painter Septimiu Căpățînă.
The marble carpet is another “work of art” that catches the eye. Composed of over 5000 pieces of marble and other natural stones in different colors, this medallion is a perfect creation, like a precious carpet that you admire with your gaze and timid step. The marble carpet of the central hallway bears the signature of the architects and designers of Noblesse Group.
To the right and left, through the wide open doors, you can see two white rooms, filled with so many pieces that stand out. In front, there is a classic and imposing room, but equally tempting are the stairs leading to the upper floor and those leading to our offices in the basement.
The central hallway is the place where we welcome guests who choose Noblesse Palace to host the special events in their lives.

The carpentry – original

The stuccoes – original

The paintings – “Muse of Painting” and “Muse of Music”, signed by Septimiu Căpățînă, are commissioned works

The marble carpet – incorporates over 5000 marble pieces, as well as the coat of arms of Noblesse Palace, created using the “water-jet” technique