Baroque Hall

The most imposing hall of Noblesse Palace, named after the predominant style that characterizes it, the Baroque Hall emerges at the end of the entrance hallway

At the end of the central hallway, behind the beautifully decorated fir doors, elegance and unique charm unfold as the Baroque Room. Once a witness to era-defining balls, enlivened by music and dance, this room faded into obscurity during the communist regime, only to be revived in modern days as the central hall of Noblesse Palace.
The centerpiece of this room is the ceiling painting, a breathtaking masterpiece that commands attention. Utilizing the “trompe l’oeil” technique to create fictitious volume and depth, it features architectural elements in perspective, allegorically personifying muses such as literature, painting, theater, music, as well as mystical characters. This artwork is the creation of the painter Septimiu Căpățînă. The sensation is unparalleled; the composition begins with the paintings in the central hall and continues onto the ceiling of the Baroque Room, reaching into the clouds in an idyllic setting that brings us close to Eden.
The original stuccoes on the ceiling, covered by layers of paint in vain attempts to conceal their brilliance, are rediscovered today after three months of intense cleaning, polishing, and specific treatments carried out by a team of skilled plasterers.
Another special element of the Baroque room is the floor, composed of over 3500 pieces of marble, assembled manually, captivating at first sight and astonishing with its unexpected interplay of colors and shapes, conceived as a mirror to the salon’s ceiling.
Beautiful as a museum piece, a white terracotta stove, expertly restored, stands watch like a secular witness from its corner, having undoubtedly heard countless life stories. And to complete the regal ambiance, just like in an ancient ballroom, an immense crystal and golden bronze chandelier reigns in the center, bathing the entire room in light, ready to receive its guests. And worthy of such grandeur, we have carefully selected valuable furniture pieces, in Baroque and Empire styles, to further adorn this main chamber, as well as a fully restored 1800s piano, enchanting the ears and souls of our guests today.
The Baroque Room can be rented for conferences, courses, concerts, performances, private events, weddings, christenings, anniversary parties, corporate events, social events, company or product launches, filming, and much more. It has an area of 45 square meters, with an exit to a foyer-type terrace with an area of 12 square meters. It can accommodate up to 50 people in conference arrangement, 30 people in banquet arrangement, and 80 people in cocktail arrangement. It is equipped with sound system and projector, screen, flipchart, air conditioning, Wi-Fi. The Baroque Room communicates with two other rooms located to the right and left, thus allowing for an increased number of guests.

Stuccoes – original
Carpentry – original
White terracotta stove – original
Ceiling painting – Allegory of the Arts, created by Septimiu Căpățînă
Flooring – marble in a combination of white and black, a geometric pattern created using the “water-jet” technique

Artworks – contemporary artists, Fusion Arts portfolio
Furniture pieces – Noblesse Interiors portfolio

When it comes to organizing events in Bucharest, Noblesse Palace offers, in addition to a versatile setting, a full range of services such as: dedicated event manager, event design, personalized menus, floral arrangements, photo-video services, entertainment, guided tour of the palace, piano rental from 1800, refurbished and in perfect condition, and many more.
Moreover, we organize a wide range of events, from art exhibitions and fairs to private and corporate events, as well as charitable events.