“Divino,” the sculpture exhibition by Giorgio Butini, at Noblesse Palace, November 2023

On November 20th, starting at 7:00 PM, Noblesse Palace will host the opening of the sculpture exhibition, “Divino,” by the Italian artist Giorgio Butini. Through this exhibition, Giorgio Butini brings to the forefront a harmony of forms and details inspired by the divine concept. Each sculpture showcases the artistic mastery of the Italian sculptor and his relationship with life and divinity. His works highlight a deep passion for art and an extraordinary ability to breathe life into bronze and marble, as well as other materials, in a way that deepens the connection between viewers and divinity. The exhibition, featuring 23 sculptures, will be open for visitation until January 31, 2024.

"Divino," the sculpture exhibition by Giorgio Butini, at Noblesse Palace, November 2023 - Palatul Noblesse

The “Divino” exhibition by master Giorgio Butini is organized by Noblesse Palace, Fusion Arts, and Noblesse Group with the support of Original Media, under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Bucharest and the Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Bucarest.

Attendance at the vernissage is by invitation only. Please confirm your attendance via email at [email protected].

To visit the exhibition, please contact us at the phone number 0742 403 629.

"Divino," the sculpture exhibition by Giorgio Butini, at Noblesse Palace, November 2023 - Palatul Noblesse
"Divino," the sculpture exhibition by Giorgio Butini, at Noblesse Palace, November 2023 - Palatul Noblesse
"Divino," the sculpture exhibition by Giorgio Butini, at Noblesse Palace, November 2023 - Palatul Noblesse
"Divino," the sculpture exhibition by Giorgio Butini, at Noblesse Palace, November 2023 - Palatul Noblesse

Who is Giorgio Butini?

Maestro Giorgio Butini was born in Italy, in Florence, and has vast experience in visual arts, sculpture, painting, drawing, goldsmithing, as well as ceramics and decorative arts. Giorgio Butini is also specialized in the restoration of paintings, frescoes, and stone materials. The master has been passionate about drawing and figurative art since childhood. Initially, art was just a game, which turned into a passion and then into a lifestyle. He pursued in-depth studies of human anatomy. He has won seven significant awards, such as the Second Prize at the Venice Biennale in 1997, the Award for the work “Dreams,” exhibited at the sixth edition of the International Art Biennale in Beijing, China, in 2015, and in 2022, the International Prize of the City of Troina, as part of the sculpture section, where he was ranked as the best contemporary sculptor.

“Art is a way of life for me, and I borrow in it the expression of the deepest feelings. This is how many of my works, representing states and thoughts, have found a voice and have been brought to life. The constraints we suffer, the loss of values ​​around us, the difficulty of understanding and expressing our deepest needs often mean that we are dissatisfied with our lives, locked in forms that force us on predetermined paths, which others have decided for us” – Giorgio Butini.

Among the master’s most famous public works are: “Death, Resurrection, and the Holy Spirit,” a bronze crucifix offered as a gift to Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, which is now exhibited in the Vatican Museum in Rome, “Supremacy,” a bronze and silver sculpture housed in the Quirinal Museum in Rome, a sculpture offered to the President of the Italian Republic in 2010, “The Arch of Peace,” a work exhibited at the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi, Florence, in May 2023. The work “The Arch of Peace” represents the artist’s vision of peace and will be permanently exhibited at the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels.

Noblesse Palace, the Host of Art Events

Noblesse Palace, with its century-old history and impressive narrative, serves as a bridge between past and present. It’s a space that, by its mere presence, speaks of refinement, culture, and tradition, making it the perfect venue to host the creations of the Italian sculptor.

With each art event it hosts, Noblesse Palace transforms into a hotspot of the arts, offering significant experiences to lovers of beauty.

Noblesse Palace is one of the most impressive buildings in Bucharest, renowned for its exceptional architecture and rich history. Built in 1881 by the famous architect Alexandru Săvulescu, this building has an impressive history, from prosperity to decline, and its salvation in 2014 by the Preda family. Following a complex process of consolidation and responsible restoration of the original elements, both interior and exterior, the building has become, since 2015, one of the most important centers for design, art, events, and culture in Europe.

Through its involvement in organizing art exhibitions, Noblesse Palace contributes to the promotion of culture and art in Romania and encourages the development and promotion of artists from various artistic fields.

Fusion Arts Agency

Fusion Arts Agency is the art agency, part of the Noblesse Group, which has set out from the beginning to promote Romanian art and artists. Fusion Arts Agency actively contributes to the development of artistic careers and the valorization of the creations of the artists in its portfolio.

Fusion Arts Agency provides artists with an online platform to showcase their works: www.fusionarts.ro. Additionally, the artists’ works are presented to art enthusiasts through art exhibitions held at Noblesse Palace. Through the interior design projects of Noblesse Group, these artists’ works are integrated into various residential projects, hotels, offices, etc.

Fusion Arts plays an important role in promoting and developing contemporary art in Romania, supporting artists to develop their own style and find their place in the art world. This contributes to the diversification and enrichment of the country’s cultural heritage.

Noblesse Group

Since 2007, the Noblesse Group brand has added value to the lives of its clients through interior design, conceived with passion and professionalism. The team of architects and designers provides services to the highest standards, recognized both in the domestic and international markets.

Over the years, the interior design projects of the Noblesse Group team have received numerous awards, such as the Boutique Award at “The Most Office” for the Noblesse Group office project, “Best Luxury Hotel Interior Design” for the Radisson Blu Bucharest project in 2022, at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Gala. In 2023, at the same gala, they received “Best Interior Design Studio in Romania,” “Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design” for the Alma Health & Spa Retreat project, and “Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design” for the Helise Restaurant project.

As a member of the International Interior Design Association in the United Kingdom, Noblesse Group has vast experience and a generous portfolio with diverse projects, including heritage building restorations, interior design for hotels, restaurants, public spaces, apartments, villas, company headquarters, and offices. Media partners: Pres Hub, PressHub, Bucureștii Vechi și Noi, Press 4 News, București News.