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Noblesse Palace – Lifestyle Palace
The fairytale place where every dream turns into reality.

In the heart of Bucharest lies a special place, a place seemingly torn from fairytales, a place that turns dreams into reality: Noblesse Palace. Here, love stories are written for the newlyweds who want their wedding day to be memorable, both for themselves and their loved ones.
A dream wedding at Noblesse Palace is an event taken straight from childhood fairytales, a love story transposed into a unique, royal atmosphere. A dream wedding at Noblesse Palace is an exclusive, elegant, intimate event attended only by family and closest friends.
From the very first steps, luxury and refinement make their presence felt. The marble flooring in shades of white and black, as well as the large windows flooding the rooms with natural light, the precious furniture, the spectacular chandeliers, and the contemporary artworks adorning the walls all contribute to creating a fairytale setting, a royal frame that guests at the dream wedding will enjoy throughout the event.
A wedding at Noblesse Palace is an intimate and elegant affair. The palace offers the possibility of organizing select and intimate events to create a closer and more personal atmosphere.
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Dream Wedding - Palatul Noblesse
Dream Wedding - Palatul Noblesse


Noblesse Palace - Historical Building

Noblesse Palace is the only fully consolidated and restored palace to the highest standards in Bucharest.

It is a historic building from the 19th century, the first eclectic-style building constructed in the center of Bucharest, bearing the signature of the famous architect Alexandru Săvulescu.

Noblesse Palace is a centrally located premium venue (situated in the center of Bucharest, just 5 minutes away from University Square).

Dream Wedding - Palatul Noblesse
Dream Wedding - Palatul Noblesse

Noblesse Palace - Ballrooms

Refinement and luxury are criteria found in all components of the palace.

The ballrooms of Noblesse Palace are versatile, decorated in various styles, ensuring intimacy and the possibility of organizing memorable, unique events.

The palace is surrounded by a generous courtyard of 600 square meters, an oasis of greenery and intimacy in the historic atmosphere of Bucharest.

Customized Services

Our event planners has the experience of hundreds of events organized, hundreds of memorable events, and thousands of memories created for every couple who has crossed our threshold.

Our team understands that each couple is unique and has their own desires and visions for their dream wedding. Therefore, the services offered are comprehensive and personalized to meet all the needs and desires of the newlyweds.

Dream Wedding - Palatul Noblesse
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Wedding Photo Sessions

Noblesse Palace is an ideal setting for wedding photoshoots. Its eclectic architecture, rooms decorated in various styles, and green garden all provide spectacular backdrops for unforgettable photographs.

Couples can enjoy romantic moments captured in images, transporting them back to this special day every time they look at the photo album.


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